About Me

Well I suppose I should say a wee bit about me, who I am and why I am blogging. Although I am not sure I know the answer. In general it is so I can reflect on what I am doing and I enjoy reading other peoples stories so I like putting my story out there.

I’m Sam and I am fast approaching 40! Which means I am starting on my midlife crisis a wee bit ahead of schedule. Basically my journey started in 2013 when I quit smoking. Being the sort of person who likes to be addicted to stuff I decided to swap my smoking with exercise.


I started running with C25K a 10k goal but since then I have done a load of 10ks, a few half marathons, the 3 peaks challenge, cycled coast to coast, climbed a few mountains and started to learn to swim. Before I hit the big 40 I want to have done a triathlon. This year my goal is the Dublin Marathon.

In 2015 I lost my sister and around the same time I lost interest in running. I started smoking again and my 2015 goals fell to the side. I still did some 10ks but didn’t hit my other goals. But I carried on. Now I am getting to the point where I want to quit smoking again. I figured that 2016 needed a big challenge and 10k was no longer that. I am a slow runner, jogger might even be a bit too kind but I like to move and feel challenged.

On the journey to fitness I managed to rope in a colleague & friend into the running and since then Dave (https://fromwirraltodublin.wordpress.com) has been with me for most of my slightly impulsive ideas. He only started running to complete a Tough Mudder but he stuck with it and is a much faster mover (he doesn’t consider himself a runner either). Steve joined in for the same reason and the three of us did many random events and challenges as the years passed.


Along the way Liam (http://fatman-running.com) also join in. His aim was initially to get in shape for his wedding but with that behind us he is now all about the fitness, speed and toe touching abilities he will gain as we go! So for a lot of the events there was 4, or some combination of the 4 of us at least.


So here we are! The goal is the Dublin Marathon which takes place each October and is in my home town. Although I have been living in Liverpool since 1999!. It felt like the right one to start with. Despite his objections I signed Dave up as if I am doing something as painful as this I may as well have company and Steve also said he would join us. The plan is set!

The blog will include the journey to 26.2 but it is also about the other stuff I enjoy. It is the other space on the web, outside of Facebook and Twitter where I can ramble more (I like a ramble) and generally share my thoughts and activities including running, cycling, hiking, motorcycling and photography.

I couldn’t have done most of these things without the support of my other half Alan, who has provided food, driving and encouragement in equal measures. He stayed awake for 24 hours to drive on the 3 peaks challenge and has been support for countless other adventures.


During the writing of my posts I will probably mention the Doug.


I will also probably include Clarence & Charlie too!

So now that you have met everyone I hope you get something out of what I write and the events I undertake! Get involved if you like, I love to read your comments and it leads me to discover new blogs and new people who’s stories I can follow.

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