Widnes Parkrun


I dropped the ball over the last few nights on blogging, I basically fell asleep on the sofa pre-blog. So I have ended the blog everyday portion of my Janathon.

Today however was the Widnes Parkrun and their 3rd birthday. The course itself is 3 loops of Victoria Park in Widnes. So it is pretty flat. The paths where in decent condition too without large puddles etc.

I did okay on the run pacing it out well enough for me and I felt tired but good. Some shoulder and back pain in the last mile, but generally I enjoyed myself. It was cold and wet to start but once I got going I could forget about that.

My average HR was 178 and I maxed at 191bpm. So it was a tough run!

Or so my suffer score says at least. I thought it was pleasant but definitely exercise.

Post run it was coffee and chatting then home for a chilled day.

I didn’t walk as much today as I didn’t do the second Doug walk because I went to decathlon with Liam for a new wheel.

Tomorrow is looking piss poor weather wise! So I might limit myself to walking, but I will decide in the morning.

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