#Janathon day 11: Walking and pain


When the alarm went off I couldn’t get out of bed, everything hurt and it took a while to get going which made me late. I walked Doug and got ready for work and the headed out.

Another standard nursing day meant too many appointments, not enough fluids, not enough time, no food and a late finish. When I got in it was food and fluids! I spent most of the day in pain but I am ringing the physio tomorrow to make an appointment for treatment do hopefully things will get better. But I didn’t run, I probably should have pushed through but I just couldn’t motivate myself so an easy activity day of Doug walking was all I managed.

I will see what tomorrow brings and if I sleep any better tonight and wake any fresher. Mostly I a,pm sore, thirsty and tired 😂.

I have at least not been supplementing my lack of real food with junk and haven’t had any sweets since Sunday. I’m hopeful if I can keep it up and keep moving I might get back to the weight I should be soon enough as I am carrying an extra stone which I can’t imagine is helping.

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