#Janathon day 10: walk, run, work


The unwelcome noise of the alarm chimed at 630 and Doug reluctantly joined me down stairs as I got ready for our walk. We stepped out into the misty morning and set off. I don’t think he was convinced but accepted it was happening eventually.

Once I got back I dished out his breakfast which he gave a derisory sniff before going back to bed. Then it was time to run,

I headed out still half asleep and with the dull ache of a midnight cramp in my calf deciding in the first turn 1 mile would be the goal. I drifted into the mist and checked my pace now and then keeping it around 1130 per mile avg.

I managed to keep my average under 11:30 and to ignore the ache which soon worked it’s way out. There wasn’t many people out and the run was peaceful. I kept my heart rate at a 168bpm average and my maximum was 186bpm so it was an easier run today.

My walk total was just over 3miles so in all it was a decent tally for the day.

Then it was into the office and working late! The usual combination of no food and not enough to drink left me a bit shattered by the end of the day so my priorities on getting in where drink something and eat something.

Tomorrow will be a similar pattern today and is looking just as busy! I am hoping to at least drink more.

In other news my DBS clearance has been posted so I am hoping to be changing jobs in February which may lead to better work life balance! Although just some would do!

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