#Janathon day 9: wee run and a couple of wanders


I was thinking about a longer run but it was cold, windy and my knee was sore. I decided it wasn’t sore enough to justify not running, but I figured I would do a mile and push myself as I have been averaging 12min miles.

After walking Doug and sorting out around the house I went out. I probably started a bit fast it found a rhythm eventually. The run was exhausting but good to get out. I was right with my earlier assessment, it was cold!

I managed to get under 10:30 for the run and even kept my average HR 173bpm with a max of 190bpm.

The walking tally was over 3miles (5km), with too chilly walks with Doug. The rest of the day was pretty lazy. I’m debating a wee bit of yoga later as I’m still stiff post accident and feel like I need to stretch out my back. I am waiting on a physiotherapist to contact me about treatment. In the meantime I am just gonna do my best to keep moving.

Tomorrow I’m back to the office so I will be out early for my run. Either 1-2 miles depending on how I am feeling when I get up. As I was lazier today I might push the 2.

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