#Janathon day 8: an unexpected run

It was another late start today as I was off. The temp was reading -5 and Doug wasn’t keen, I eventually got bored of waiting for him at 830 and off we went.

We had a nice walk and despite some skipping and doggy looks he took it in good spirits. Once I got back I procrastinated. I was waiting on a package 10-12 so I figured I would let the slippy melt and the package arrive before I braved it. I also notified the relevant authorities that it may not happen due to adverse weather.

I was here by 1030 so a little more procrastination and I was debating going for a bail. But I moved, changed and I was off. It was harder going today with more stopping which on reflection I think was more due to fatigue than anything.

The run itself was faster than yesterday, but only marginally.

It’s runs like this that remind me I run cause I love it. I’m not fit, or fast and my breathing sounds shocking but it makes me smile. I always enjoy a run once I’m out, if only gettingbout was a bit easier.

My Heart rate wasn’t too bad in the end with an average of 173bpm and a max of 191bpm. See if you can spot the difference between slowing for road junctions and stopping to wheeze?

It’s birthday day for the other half so I wrapped presents last night. So I’m all prepped this year is MacBook and done little bits and pieces including some moonshine, I’m converting them to Apple slowly.

The rest of the day was about chilling and walking with Doug. The walking tally was just over 3miles today.

The rest of the night will be feet up and toasting by the fire! Hope your all enjoying your January endeavours so far!

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