#Janathon day 7: another run managed

It was a bit cold this morning! We got up about 7 but Doug wasn’t for getting up. So we went back to bed. When it got to 9 he was ready so off we went.

Everything was still a bit frozen but despite the frosted look it wasn’t icy. We had a decent walk and then it was back home. I prepped breakfast, had a brew and headed out for a run. I was thinking about a 1mile loop but I decided that I would head the other way and aim at just over 2miles.

It was harder going than yesterday. My back felt sore, my neck ached and unlike yesterday it didn’t ease during the run. But it was still a nice run. I’m still trying to slow my pace and just move without hitting my max HR. I averaged 176bpm with a max of 192bpm today so I felt like I had worked by the time I finished.

It was reading as below 0 Celsius so it was a crisp morning and it felt good to get out. Also I was thinking of using that route of a morning, so now I know it’s a 30minute run and can plan it in before work.

The rest of the day was a family day, and a second Doug walk just as the sun set. It’s been a lovely chilly day. But now it’s time to sit by the fire.

So despite a rocky start I have made it to the end of week 1 of Janathon.

Week 1 stats:

Running total: 10 miles (16km)

Walking total: 26.52miles (42.68km)

Total: 36.52miles (58.68km)

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  1. mawil1 says:

    I’m with Doug – I love to stay in bed when it’s cold outside!


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