#Janathon day 1: New Years Day Parkrun


I’m gonna give blogging a shot for January, see if I can get back in the grove. I only managed 59 runs and 282miles in 2017! So I need to improve on that.

I have decided to bro g it back to where it started and do a Janathon, although I haven’t managed a full one for a few years!! It also slots in to a distance challenge with some friends.

Today myself and Dave decided on a Parkrun to welcome the new year. Southport was the location of choice so an earlyish start to walk Doug and sort out around the house and we where off.

It wasn’t the best time, but I impressed myself by actually running it all. The course was good but included a large puddle to go through (3 times) resulting in wet socks. The weather held off and I held my pacing and kept my heart rate at 183bpm. I tried to keep my pace steady, and enjoyed the outing. There was a decent crowd there and some keen folk where doing a double!

Post Parkrun it was coffee time!

The day also included two Doug walks. I’m debating logging these in January this year as well but didn’t today as I don’t really count it as exercise due to the duration of time spent sniffing (by Doug).

Tomorrow is a run, I am also debating rejoining the gym, but only to get swimming back on the agenda. I may avoid the gym till February though!

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  1. I definitely need to get back to running too. I can barely run a mile without wanting to quit lol.


    1. Sam says:

      I know that feeling very well 😂 then I think come on I have ran much further than this while wanting to quit!


      1. Ha that is always the case with everything aint it?


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