#RTD: English Half Marathon


Today was the EHM in Warrington. It started with a drizzly Doug walk and the a few house hold jobs before blending some breakfast. Then we headed to Warrington. We parked up and drifted to the start line.

The finishing line was also in sight from my vantage point around the 2hr50 mark.

The start was delayed but when we eventually got moving I headed out trying to keep my pacing in order. It wasn’t really working but I was trying.

Miles 1-3 felt a bit rough but after that I decided on a run/walk approach and set myself the goal of running a mile before I walked. Which I managed to keep with till the 9 mile mark.

Then I worked on my HR and tried to keep it below 185bpm and allowed a wee walk as and when to drag it down. In the last mile we cut through the rugby club, so I nipped into the loo as I had been needing that since mile 4!

My HR management was a success, and I felt my pacing was okay. Although could be improved for my next long run.

I really enjoyed the run and they provided plenty gels and energy drinks (even for us back markers).

There was loads of support from the marshals & the crowds and the weather even behaved!

The end of the run finished at the golden gates in Warrington and there was a free beer up for grabs (I gave mine to Steve). Dave & Steve had finished ahead of me, I managed to get in ahead of Yogesh & Phil. But in there defence they have a few years on me.

Once we had all finished we headed for home. The rest of my day is going to be food, Doug walk, feet up and probably food again!

My legs are stiff, and I’m not sure how much further I could have ran this morning. Which makes the prospect of doing it twice in 42 days time interesting to say the least.

I had many miles to regret every pipe & cigar I have ever smoked today! So I will see how it goes over the next month on the long runs.

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