#RTD a few miles covered

Monday marked 3 weeks smoke free and it was an early start with Doug getting walked just before the sun got round to popping up. We mostly managed to enjoy a dry walk but the rain was heavy towards the end and the wind was picking up. Which made the prospect of going out for a run less appealing.

I had decided to just get out and do a mile to build up my running. The wind was blowing, the rain was sheeting but I figured as I was only planning a little over a mile, it would be at worst 13minutes and a warm shower was waiting for me.

I started off in the rain, but it was stopping by the time I got half way. It was a pleasant run and I made no effort to look at my pace, and tried to control my heart rate by regulating my breathing. I did however check my heart rate twice as I ran.

When I got back I sorted out my morning routine, jumped in the shower and then headed for the train as I was spending the day at the Health Expo.

It was an entertaining day! Once I got back I took Doug for his second walk. Although he was looking dubious when I suggested the walk.

In all Monday was an good day, I covered over 16,000 steps in the end due to wondering around the expo. Although I did have to have a little nap before dinner, I think that may be due to the early start.

Tuesday was a nicer start all round, I got up around 7 and we had our walk, there was no rain but the wind had an edge to it. Once Doug was fed and my other jobs where sorted I headed for the train. The plan for today was a run around Delamere. I was aiming at a 4 mile run (2 loops of the lake).

It was a good run, although a bit hard going at times. I kept my pace lower to try and keep my heart rate in range. My legs where a bit tight and my lungs are still a bit rough but I enjoyed myself.

As places to run go Delamere is a picturesque one.

The rest of the day was the usual mix of Doug walking and household stuff. My race number for Sunday arrived which is always nice and means the event becomes more real!

Wednesday was going to be a busy day in the office so I went out for a mile first thing. The weather wasn’t too bad at all and the run felt good. I set out with the intention of pacing myself and I think I managed okay.

With the run out of the way I set about the usual day in the office. Then once I got home it was a nice chill as my daily activities where done.

Thursday started early but I decided against running first thing and just did the Doug walk and the carer bits that need doing. They it was to the office with the good intentions of running 5k when I got in. As the day progressed the likelihood of running was getting less.

Once I got in I couldn’t be bothered but I washed Doug and took him for a little walk, then decided to just do a mile.

It was a faster mile and didn’t feel as tough so I think the repetition is paying off. My HR averaged 175bpm at a max of 193bpm.

The run itself felt good, it was nice to get out but I do prefer to run when the world is asleep and I don’t have to share the pavements.

I didn’t feel the run on a Friday after a hectic day and Saturday was a planned rest day before the half on Sunday. Although I didn’t mean to eat quiet as much as I did!

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