#RTD: hmmm it can only end well


For those of you that have been paying attention you may well have noticed that I haven’t moved much. My training has been impacted by a heady mix of smoking (quit again), over worked, increased carer role and sheer bone idleness! I still give Doug his daily walks and hit about 10000 steps most days, but most just isn’t good enough!

But I can’t change what I haven’t done, so I intend on making the best out of it!

So yesterday I snapped and headed for Parkrun in Warrington. Considering I haven’t ran very much (or at all depending on your outlook) I was happy with my effort.

The rain even kept back for the run and it served to remind me that I actually enjoy it when I do it. With the run done we went to the gym for a wee cycle.

Post cycle I did some weights, I enjoyed some hydrotherapy (bubbles) then it was off to Liverpool for lunch and a movie. We watch IT and ate Poutine which was very tasty and IT was entertaining and didn’t destroy my childhood memories too much as the book is an old favourite. I also ate too much popcorn!

Sunday was a family day and I hadn’t planned on doing much other than walking Doug in the rain. But after his second walk I decided I was gonna run. I haven’t been very motivated and I think part of the issue has been the schedule dictating how far I needed to go. So I resolved I would get out and do a mile in the rain and just enjoy myself.

I was double foiled! I miss judged the distance, and it stopped raining! It was however fun.

It was a faster run than I intended but I enjoyed myself and when I got back it has only taken 20mins including getting changed! The perfect solution to my alleged lack of time.

The last act of Sunday was to type this post and get on the scales. I’ve gained since the last time I stepped on, but not gone over the 80kg mark just yet!

I have decided to run 1mile minimum a few times a week as I feel that will help more than not running at all and then hitting 26.2! I may even take a crack at some of them barefoot (in vibrams). Next event is the EHM so on Sunday week I will be doing a half marathon. Which I am oddly looking forward too. I think it will be hard going but rewarding.

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