#RTD Week2-3: a couple of runs

Well it has been a busy two weeks, but sadly not in relation to exercise. Most definately not in respect of training.

But a busy time all the same. I am struggling a bit with this work life balance business. I hope that at some point it will work out, although I suspect more of an effort may be required on my part.

Week 2 consisted of two runs, neither of them very long as it goes.


The second run was supposed to be a half marathon but I haven’t been feeling well. The combination of work stresses and bad lungs meant I couldn’t really manage a half, although I did squeeze 10k out in the end.

Week 3 on the other hand was even worse! It started with me abandoning the idea of run/walk on 3 minute intervals as a suitable training plan. I have felt worse since I started it. So I decided just to run.

It started okay with a 4 mile jaunt around Sefton Park. The run itself was grand, I kept my heart rate between 175bpm & 185bpm.


After that the general idea was to do 6-7 miles on Saturday. It didn’t happen, I slept in till 10. I also didn’t bother doing them on Sunday! I was also supposed to be cycling today. But that didn’t happen either. I am definately in a lazy phase at the moment.

Oh well, I may get round to it at some point.

The plan for week 4 is running Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. I should probably start following my plan at some point or the Dublin Marathon is going to be a long an painful one!


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