#RTD Week 1: Running and Yoga

Monday was day 1 of week 1 of my 20 week training program to get me ready for the Dublin Marathon. Myself, Dave, Steve and Andy have all started our respective journeys on the road to Dublin. Including setting up the appropriately named whatsapp group. The challenge for day 1 was to finish on time, remember to eat lunch and try and drink enough. I was a bit dehydrated starting off but not too bad all round. I even managed lunch at 4pm.

The plan stated a 45 minute outing. 5 minute warm up, then 7 x 3 minute run & 2 minute walk, finishing with a 5 minute cool down.

I started out way to fast and my HR spiked but by the end I had a better tempo. This is how the run looked on Relive.​

It was a nice run, the weather stayed friendly and even at the tail end of rush hour it wasn’t too busy.

With an average HR of 168 bpm it wasn’t a bad effort. I also kept the pace consistent (ish).

Tuesday was scheduled as a cross training day so I did 30 minutes of yoga.

Wednesday was the second run of the week. To prevent mid week meh! And keep each other honest me and Dave are doing this one after work each week. The plan wanted the same again. So a 45 minute outing. 5 minute warm up, then 7 x 3 minute run & 2 minute walk, finishing with a 5 minute cool down.

We used Victoria Park in Warrington, This is how it looked on Relive.

It was nice to see the park busy and the run wasn’t too bad, a bit hot as there was no real air.

Which I suppose kept my HR higher! It definitely left me thirstier! 

Thursday was a rest day. I did nothing I am happy say, aside from walking Doug but that is a given and I don’t think he would stand for talk of rest days meaning less walks.

Friday I tried my hand at the yoga again and clicked a lot less so an improvement.

Saturday was running! This time the plan called for 60 minute outing. 5 minute warm up, then 10 x 3 minute run & 2 minute walk, finishing with a 5 minute cool down.

This one was around Kirkby and it was a hot one. I was soaked by the time I got back. Here is the Relive summary.

It was a good run, despite the heat, but I am well off fitness at the moment! The app has served its purpose for week one but I am a little bit dubious about if it will work! I feel like I am struggling more at times with running less! 

My HR stayed high for the last few run/walk intervals but the average wasn’t bad.

Sunday is a rest day on my plan! So that’s novel. It will be a family day for me.

My plan for the weekend though is to input the plan into my calendar and then see how it needs to tweak! After all I have a few half marathons to run over the next few months. It may need to bend a bit but I will try and keep the spirit of it. I also plan on programming the run plan into my Garmin as workouts to save me having to carry my phone.

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