Road to Dublin #RTD about to start


Well I haven’t actually been quite as stationary as this blog would have you think. In that I have occasionally moved. But only occasionally.


My last proper run was the Great Manchester Run at the end of May. It was an emotional day following the attacks which took place and a bloody long run with no training. But I really enjoyed it.

The run itself took a wee while! My heart rate was very high but I managed to curtail it with some walking (quiet a lot of walking). The route was standard for Manchester a mix of bypasses and industrial surrounding but the support was amazing. Not just from the stewards but from the crowds who came out and stayed out all day to cheer us on. They started at 9am and where still on the streets at 4pm for the final finishers of the 10k.

As part of the Road to Dublin we did the half this year which was the first year it was running. I liked it but next year we are thinking of closer to home and doing the Rock & Roll half in Liverpool.


Once finished it was a lunch and relaxing in Manchester as I had booked a hotel which I really enjoyed. It isn’t a long trip by any measure but it was nice to hop in the shower then go for lunch and Manchester was buzzing.

Aside from a couple of gym cycles I also managed a wander up Snowdon with Liam, Dave & Geraint.


We took the Llanberis path as it was Liams first time up a mountain, he didn’t realise quite how big it would be! But we took our time and he reached the top and then tried to run down! It was a bit slippy so unfortunately he fell.. I can’t laugh too much (although I did a little) as I slipped on the way down as well over taking some dog walkers.

We finished and I think the worst part of the day was sitting in traffic for 2 hours seazing up!


We where still smiling at the top! But as you can see the weather wasn’t on our side but I don’t actually remember a time I have been at the top of Snowdon and been able to see from the top!

Today was supposed to be a 50mile cycle with Liam but my stomach wasn’t in agreement. I woke up feeling okay but then I had .. um.. issues which lead to me bailing on Liam and then going back to bed and shaking for about an hour before I warmed up. Woke again at 12 and decided I would update my blog and get it ready for next week!

It is 20 weeks till Dublin. So I need to start my training. I am using an app to try and get me moving as when I leave it up to myself I seem to not bother! I have gone with an app by Zen Labs aptly named 26.2 which is a run walk program. I figured I would start easy on myself!


So from Monday I start with Week 1 – Day 1 of the Road to Dublin. I will probably try and update weekly cause I can’t imagine I will have time during the week. In my defence #excuse I have been doing a lot of 11 hour days in my 9-5 job as we have been short staffed. But I am hoping that will improve over the next few months and even if it doesn’t I will have to get out. I know I can make 13.1 miles but I have no illusion that 26.2 is even comparable! So I need to train.. even if I just train ish to make it less painful.

Next run is Hardrians Wall Half which is a mixed terrain run. We are just working the logistics out but we have volunteered to do some photos of our work colleagues finishing the Starlight Walk in the early hours of the morning which will make for a long (all be it fun) day.

My challenges for the next 20 weeks are:

  1. train (3 runs a week intially)
  2. cross train (2 times a week initially)
  3. update my blog (once a week or twice if I do an event)
  4. discover a work life balance (as often as possible)

I think 4 is gonna be the hardest as it is difficult to disconnect when you like your job! I shall see how I go. I will try and have a mooch around the bloggersphere and see what you have been up to whist I have been working, sleeping and thinking I really should be moving.

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