Hmmm it’s been proper ages .. so here is an update


It has been a while since the Liverpool Half and I’ve been a bit idle. 

I did the Chester Parkrun a while ago (29/4/17). But since May I haven’t run!

I have cycled though! But only once, Last weekend in fact, we went to Warrington & back

Today I did the Warrington Parkrun. Which wasn’t bad and reminded me that I enjoy running once I do it.

I also picked up some new shoes. Some vibrams, which I wore for the Chester park run. They felt good, my cadence improved but my other stats remained similar. 

Oh an a pair of asics I wore today for the first time. 

Both comfy, I am looking forward to finding some motivation and actually using them, I have two generic excuses prepared:

1) my crippling laziness

2) over worked and tired

Both are equally valid and if I’m honest it’s probably a 50/50… or a 70/30 but either way those are the reasons. 

As a side effect of working 9-5 becoming closer to 9-7 and me not eating all day, or drinking enough for that matter I have been run down. I have been making a special effort this week to have breakfast.

Basically I have been blending oats, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, kale and a banana with some water. Having that with a brew, bringing some wraps to work and trying to remember to drink during the day. 

It’s been going well! I am now eating at least 3 times a day, I’m eating less junk food when I get in (none actually as I haven’t bought any) and I am looking forward to feeling the benefits. St the moment I am still fatigued. 

8 days until the Manchester Half Marathon though! So I think I will have to throw a 10k into my legs at least twice before then! 

I will see if I am any more motivated for the second half of 2016. I hope so as my Marathon training starts soon. 

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