Week 8: cycling, squash and running


Monday was a nice day, the sun was shinning and I even had a wee walk with my lunch/coffee Before my training.

The evening was spent in the gym with Liam. We played a game of squash, by which I mean we ran around occasionally hitting the ball but mostly not! It was followed by a wee 6mile cycle. During which we mostly gabbed but did manage to break a sweat.

Tuesday was a coffee and catch up day post office. Wednesday we where planning to run but Dave was injured and I couldn’t be bothered by the time I left the office. Thursday and Friday I basically worked and did little else. Saturday was supposed to be a hike in the morning but Liam cancelled in the wee hours due to illness which left me with a lazy morning followed by coffee with a friend. 

Sunday was the Liverpool Vitality Half Marathon. The day started early and before long I was sitting in McDonalds having a breakfast.

With that sorted I met up with Steve and Dave and we headed for the start line.

It wasn’t long before we where ready for the off. The run itself was grand but I started to fast, my HR spiked and it took me a while to get on track. The first 6 miles was a solid run, after that I stopped at water stations so there was walking while I drank, the was also my right foot turning off my shoe which lead to a blister and my arch was being rubbed. 

Aside from that it was a really nice run and I enjoyed myself. I could feel a “double cramp building” in the last two miles but it didn’t arrive. I’m assuming it will wait till I stretch my legs tonight in bed and strike!! My avg HR finished at 172bpm.

The first half of 2017 is done! I have also topped 130miles ran for the year so far, which isn’t that impressive on its own. But in the context of a total mileage ran of 112miles for 2016 it is nice to feel I am actually moving a little more.

Weekly Summary:

Ran: 13.4miles (21.5km)

Walked: 50.1miles (80.7km)

Cycled: 6.4mile (10.3km) 

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