Week 7: running and hiking

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I worked, walked Doug and slept! 

Friday arrived and the sun was shining as I walked Doug and the thought of a run was appealing. 

I decided a 10k was in order and set out for a run once everything was sorted at home. But as I was running I just wasn’t feeling it. I decided I would call it at 4 miles and try again on Sunday! 

My average HR was 173bpm so I wasn’t too bad,  but it felt like it was hard going and I even walked twice in the last mile! 

Saturday the sun was shining again and we decided to head out for a hike, but Snowdon was chokka. We stopped for a quick think ncd worked out the next step. 

So Abersoch was calling. We headed over stopping on route to pick up lunch.

Once we had finished that walk we headed for the road, but stopped for a second wander.

Sunday was another run, with an aim of at least 10k to get my legs moving. It was a bit hot for me as I am out of condition.

I stopped at the 5mile mark to buy a bottle of water. But still felt a little bit bothered so decided I would call it at 6.5miles. My average HR was 170bpm and overall the run felt good, but I would rather head out earlier next time! 

The rest of the day was spent with the family, cooking, cleaning and broken up by a Doug walk.

Weekly summary:

Ran: 10.9miles (17.4km)

Walked: 29.3miles (47.2km)

Hiked: 5.6miles (9km)

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