Week 6: running but not very much, or very far

Monday was a nice day in Dublin, we did an awful lot of walking.

We also managed to drînk many coffees, the occasional Guinness and I gave Alan a tour of my Dublîn.

Tuesday was the return trip so an early start, lunch with the family, a trip to the doughnut shop and then the return leg on the flight.

The sun was setting as we left Ireland behind. I won’t be back now till the marathon in October! I’m not sure when I will be back after that.

By the time we approached Liverpool it was getting towards 7 and almost dark. I was looking forward to getting in and settling for the night.

Once I was in it was cuddle time with Doug, and an early night after unpacking and sorting out the bed.

Wednesday I have to say I decided against running and just chilled out, I was tired and asleep by 930! 

As I hadn’t ran Wednesday I had to run Thursday. I decided on 4 miles and set out. I was okay on my pace and in the end I went for 5 miles. My average HR was 170bpm and I felt good at the end. 

I feel like my stamina is improving, I was trying to work out why it is so hard to get out of the door considering I enjoy it once I am out. I am reliably informed by Dave I am just lazy, he is nothing if not blunt.

Friday was a fairly hectic day. It was also a wet day! Which made for some unpleasant riding. When I got home I was happy to unwind for the night, but I was looking at the forecast and debating if I should run Saturday or Sunday! 

Saturday was a day in the house, we had a nice chill and watched the rugby. I didn’t do any exercise! It was chalking up to be a lazy week. Liam suggested the gym but due to a hangover he fell back asleep instead! The rain meant Dougs walks where the only time out of the house really.

Sunday I was intending to run, but I slept in a bit so I walked Doug when I got up and then had breakfast with the plan to go out about 10, but it was raining! So I went with not! We had a nice morning together. By the time the sun came out Debbie was here so I set about cooking lunches and prepping dinner. 

I had a little mooch around the garden as it is starting to come to life! 

The rest of the day was spent with the family! I also gave Doug an extra long wander, I was debating an evening run as I walked the odds of going out dropped to 60/40 in favour of staying in. Staying in won! I can’t ven use the weather, my tender heels or my tight calfs as an excuse. I was just lazy 

Weekly Summary: 

Ran: 5 miles (8km)

Walked: 36.4 miles (58.6km)

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