Week 5: run, fly.. short one really!

Monday was the first day of my 4 day week in the office. It started as all good days should with a Doug walk. I had debated as to whether to alter my schedule this week as I was flying out to Dublin on Saturday. But I decided against I as I didn’t want to run two days in a row. Also by the time I got back and checked my emails it became apparent my twitter account had been hacked. As I don’t use it I decided on deleting it. No point in having loads of unused accounts hovering about! With that done I booked a hotel for May for the Manchester Half Marathon and set about relaxing for the night.

Tuesday I went to the gym with Liam which pushed my run to Wednesday, Wednesday it was raining! So I decided it was looking like a rest week, not planned but not unwelcomed. 

Thursday I left the office just before 7 and had pretty much decided I was running Friday so wasn’t gonna worry too much. 

Friday a day off! And a plan to run with Chrissy and go for a shake afterwards. The run was nice. We headed along the front in Liverpool.

We ran for the first 2 miles, then ran walked for the last 1.8. She did really well and it was her longest run without stopping. The we had shakes!!

Saturday was a flight to Dublin for my sister memorial mass which ruled out running really as I was up early for the flights. 

Once we landed it was a Saturday evening mass in rememberancce and a family meal.

Sunday started with the full Irish then we drifted to Stephens Green and had a drink before checking into the hotel.

Then we had a wander around Stephens Green.

Weekly Summary:

Ran: 3.8 miles (6.1km)

Walked: 40.1 miles (64.6km)

Mileage next week will have to be back to double figures on the running! 

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