St Helens 10k

The St Helens 10k is in its 7th year, but it is only the second time for myself. The day was to be started early getting Doug walked and then it was waiting for my pick up from Dave. I had prepped my shirt the night before along with my post run change. 

My other pre run tradition of checking the BBC weather app gave unwelcome but not unexpected news.

I was expecting a wet run. But there are worse things, I decided it would keep me cool and make me move quicker! We headed off just as the rain arrived and stopped off for a coffee on the way. Then it was too the start, as soon as we arrived at the stadium we where directed outside to stand in the rain for 10minutes. 

Then the people started moving! It wasn’t long before we were on the run. The support I have to say was amazing, even more so considering the persistent rain. There was a lot of dedicated people shouting, cheering and ringing bells as we headed towards the North Road. I had a double goal, an average HR below 175bpm and sub 1hr 10mins for the run.

My average HR was 173bpm at the end, so I was happy to achieve the goals I had set. The official chip time was a little over my watch time. So obviously I started late or finished early? I’m not sure which end the issue was but I thought I had done it as I crossed the line both times.

With that done it was a case of picking up the medal and heading back to the car to change!

Then another coffee and time for a selfie as the ran had prevented selfies before and after! 

Once I got in I nipped to Debbie’s to wish her a happy birthday and Doug has had his second walk. Now it’s time to catch up on my reading. Next run is tomorrow, I will call it a Recovery run as I am in Dublin end of the week I am altering my schedule a bit. 

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