Week 4: run, rest, run sort of week

Monday was set to be a busy day before it started. On top of my usual jobs I had a few others to do before I left the house. Although me and Doug had a nice wander so I can’t complain. The day in the office was hectic and once I got in we went out again for the second wander,

Tuesday started with a Doug walk in the Snow/Hail which is always fun when your riding a motorcycle to work. But it wasn’t sticking so it wasn’t too bad. It rained all day, I got very wet on my visits. By the time the day was finished I got in and walked Doug. I was glad rain had stopped as it was time for my run! 

Having missed lunch I wasn’t too sure how it was going to go so I set out for my 4 mile run with the plan of keeping my average HR below 175bpm. I got to 4 miles and decided another 2 wouldn’t hurt. I was right, it didn’t and I was glad to have 6 more miles in the bank.

Wednesday was a nice day in the office with a rush home to walk Doug and unload shopping before I headed to see Chrissy for a coffee and a catch up. I had hot chocolate as it was a bit late for caffeine.. but a massive sugar spike felt about right.

Thursday was supposed to be a run day but I felt a bit sniffly all day and had a headache from about 12. So I decided home, walk Doug, pain killers and rest was in order. I decided I could run Friday night if I felt like it. With my night off approved I put my feet up.

Friday.. well I didn’t feel like it! It seemed like a terrible idea, mostly because it had been raining all day and I was still feeling rough. So I decided this week was a rest week of sorts. Obviously Doug got his walks but other than that it was just working.

Saturday was pretty much the same, walking Doug and chilling on the sofa reading whilst listening to music. The post brought my number for the Liverpool Half Marathon.

The afternoon brought nothing different to the morning. Although we had a walk in the rain. Tonight I will be watching others move in the athletics and darts!

Tomorrow is the St Helens 1ok, so my training for this week is done. Hence the earlier post.

This weeks Summary:

Ran: 12.6 miles (20.2km)

Walked: 34.5miles (55.6km)

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