Week 3: running, cycling and swimming


My week started with a Monday off! The world was my oyster. However I did have a few wee jobs I had been putting off all weekend (cleaning Harry for one). Doug was taken for his morning stroll and we watched as spring continues to creep in! 

I got back from the walk and had a brew and decided I needed to stop procrastinating on sorting the bike so I would go for a wee run and then clean him this afternoon. Okay so I was still procrastinating but I was looking forward to a run! 

I had the usual aim of keeping my heart rate below 175bpm and I was thinking 4 miles. Once I got out my legs felt heavy and I was debating cutting it short and doing 3 miles, by the time I got to 2 miles I was back to doing 4 miles and once I got to 4 miles the new plan was to go for 6! 

With 6 miles done I threw in the .2 as there really didn’t seem any point in stopping at 6 and missing out on 10km. It was a nice run despite starting on heavy legs I was feeling stronger. I cleaned Harry after I had a drink and then I had some lunch and was reminded of the plan to go to the gym for a swim later that day. I figured a wee cycle followed by a couple of lengths would see me right as Tuesday I was back to work and time would become limited again. 

The cycle was first, basically whilst Rob was doing his program I decided to pedal. I managed just over 7 miles in the time I had. It felt good to spin my legs but I didn’t push to hard, still managed to sweat though! Then it was to the pool.

I managed 8 lengths before it was time to go. My form is settling, I’m still resting every 25m, but I tried to push a bit harder today! So in all a successful Monday, the rest of the night was spent with my feet up.

Tuesday started with a trip to A&E after Alan had a fall but didn’t remember falling. We called a paramedic as he couldn’t move with pain and struggling to breath and due to his ECG being less than spiffy he was taken straight to majors. I spent my morning sitting with him in a side room and occasionally sitting by myself as he was taken for X-rays, CT scan and various other tests where carried out. I did at least have time to grab a coffee! 

We eventually got home with a clear bill of health and a very sore Alan who had injured his Sternum when he fell. Charlie and Doug snuggled up with us and groomed each other in celebration of our return.

Wednesday was a pretty hectic day due to having to stay off work to look after Alan and of course Mary whilst Alan has restricted mobility. I spent the day caring for both and doing various jobs which needed doing. I had intended to go for a run but between looking after them both the opportunity escaped me. I also ate a lot! Since Tuesday afternoon I had eaten 18 tea cakes, 6 kitkats and a share bag of crisps. Within 24 hours! It was a bit of a sugar binge. 

So here it was.. the last tea cake! In all it’s buscuity, jammy, chocolatey, mallowey goodness! 

I eventually managed to stop eating but I did have to have some birthday cake as Mary was 88.

Thursday dawned, storm Doris kicked up a fuss and Doug wasn’t loving his walk in the rain. He kept looking at me accusingly and trying to shelter behind me from the wind & rain. I was planning a run when I got back so a quick change and out I went, however before I reached the main road the wind stopped me in my tracks twice, once through sheer force and the second time by throwing a wheelie bin at me. It was a bit unessessary so I returned to the safety of my living room where it was dry and warm and had a brew. I decided to limit my Thursday going out to a nip to the shops and Dougs second walk! Doug and Charlie snuggled up on the sofa and did their best to ignore the wind. The day passed without too much fuss.

Friday started with the obligatory Doug walk, which was a much nicer affair without the wind and rain. Once that was done it was run time. I set out with the plan of just taking it easy for the run so I was ready for the long run planned on Sunday. The aim for the run was 4 miles. 

It was a pleasant run all told and my HR stayed low with an average of 165bpm. The sun was shinning and the wind wasn’t an issue. Once I finished I strolled back through the park as my cool down. 

Unfortunately Alan wasn’t feeling much better, so I was still caring for him and Mary. He was really struggling with even basics so I have been helping him dress etc. The rest of Friday was spent looking after them both and I decided a takeaway was in order for dinner. Although I did enter the English Half Marathon whilst watching TV on Friday night. That may have been caused by half pounder double cheese burger with donner meat and garlic sauce guilt? But it was on the event list.

Saturday was to be the second attempt at the first hike of 2017. Due to Doris causing trouble around the hills we decided on the Sandstone Trail as it would avoid the puns in relation to being blown off by Doris as we hit the summit. But as I currently have a house full of sick people I couldn’t commit to the time out. So instead Dave came to me and we went for a coffee. 

Due to the noise level in Costa we decided on a walk to the Dream in Sutton Manor before heading back home. It was a nice little leg stretch. 

Then it was back home to resume caring duties, walk Doug and generally keep everything ticking over. Saturday also marked 8 days of being smoke free! I don’t really know what to say about it. I think I was a little bit more cranky, I did eat more but only in response to stress. I didn’t really have any major physical side effects with the exception of a wee headache. But that all passed quickly enough, I haven’t missed them and I haven’t considered the emergency supply of pipe tobacco as a valid option. So without to much fuss, no tantrums and no real regrets I am an ex-smoker again. Let’s see how long it lasts this time

Sunday started with a Doug walk and more evidence of the onset of spring. 

The rest of the morning was set as a run with a simple double aim, run 8 miles and keep my average HR below 175bpm. I was repeating the route from last week so I knew I would finish over the 8 mile mark. 

I struggled toward the end of this run and had to draw the conclusion that a cup of tea is not adaquate fueling for an 8 mile run. I really felt the last 2 miles. My average HR was 170bpm. By the time I stopped I was ready to stop and didn’t really have much kick left for the last .2. 

From that point my day was broken up with cooking, cleaning and looking after the family. Of course Doug was walked and the work week was prepped. I also sorted out dinner for Monday to try and reduce what Alan has to do tomorrow whilst I’m in work. Tonight I am going to find something suitably mindless on TV and let it run whilst I catch up on blogs and other misc reading. 

My Apple Watch summary for the week is as below. I think all the shopping trips and wandering around Sutton really helped the walking mileage this week.

This weeks Summary: 

Ran: 19 miles

Walked: 40.9 miles

Swam: 219 yards

Cycled: 7.2 miles 

Smoke free: 9 days

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