Week 2: running, swimming and quitting smoking


I walk Doug every morning to start my day with a couple of miles of walking which is a nice relaxed beginning. It also gives me a chance to see the park coming back to life and the flowers growing again. Spring it would seem is on it’s way.

It was a busy start to the week from a work point of view and as a result Monday seemed to be gone pretty quickly! I was home before it got too late and set about chilling out for the night. With Tuesday being Valentines day I sorted the present/card and left them so they could be opened when I was in work.

Tuesday brought about a few different things in the office and the hope of a run! It was just before 7 when I got in leaving time for a quick brew to warm my hands before getting changed and going out for my run.

The aim of the run was 3 miles and to keep my HR between 175-180. I managed a average HR of 176 with a pace of 11:09. Which wasn’t a bad result. The rain was sneaking in as I was approaching the finish so getting in was a nice bonus.


Once the run was done it was a nice night in by the fire for me 🙂

Wednesday was a busy day in the office (which day isn’t!). No exercise planned so a nice night in with the hubby was on the agenda. But I did get a gym call from Liam so the evening started with the gym. We decided on a swimming session. I managed 15 lengths so I was happy with my efforts. The total was 375m, I am still resting every 25m though!

The rest of the night was spent with my feet up and chilling out.

Thursday had the usual start with me and Doug wandering around the park, a little bit later that usual as I was off work. I had started breakfast when I got back in but forgot about it and then went to register with my new GP. Once I got back it was breakfast and a brew before heading out for my run. The plan today was 4 miles but a phone call from Marys GP changed it slightly as they asked me to pick up a blood form as the nurse was coming out Friday to do blood tests as she hasn’t been well. So I left with a plan of 4-5 miles but again keeping my HR controlled.


My average HR was 172bpm so it was on plan and I felt good finishing. I did have to pause my run at 4.6 to nip into the GP for the form but it didn’t take too long. Once I was in the rest of the day was broken into house work, Doug walking and generally sorting out about the house.

We started the year off with the 5k handicap race, using a point system to enable us to compete but Liam and Steve didn’t run! So it was shelved. Then we had a distance challenge to see who was running the most but by its second week due to Liam having manflu, Steve not moving (or secret training) and Dave not wanting to run in the dark and only having one night a week free to do it.. we called off the challenge as it wasn’t really working! Maybe when the light nights arrive in April we can pick it up again.

Friday was a lazy day which involved a couple of walks with Doug and catching up on my reading. Which I have to say was very pleasant! I did do my body composition as well so here are February’s results. I am happy to say I no longer have the same fat content of cheddar so things are looking up.


At 2230 on Friday night I quit smoking, so lets see how that plays out! I am going cold turkey as I don’t find NRT useful. They are measured for cigarettes so the quantity I need for a cigar leaves me with a sore throat and just prolonges the withdrawal. Hopefully by the next 10k I will have clearer lungs. I can see if it improves my VO2 Max.


For those who aren’t familiar with VO2 Max on Garmin the red is poor, and mine is extra poor! I suspect some of those points are pity points just to encourage me!

Saturday was supposed to be a hike with Liam up Snodown. But the manflu claimed him! He he fought bravely but it was in vain and by Friday evening it was cancelled. Instead of a 8 mile hike I settled for an 8 mile run. Seems like a fair trade to me, although I would have liked a hike.

Again the objective was too keep my heart rate below 180bpm and I wanted to hit 8 miles, I didn’t do too badly!

My average for the 8.6miles was 176bpm but I didn’t feel I go my pacing right, I think I started to quick and fell off in the last few miles. So I will have to improve it next week. Still it was nice to get out and I have earned myself a rest day Sunday! The rest of Saturday was hanging out around the house, more reading and of course walking Doug.

Which brings us nicely to today a Sunday of rest. It started on the right foot with sleeping till 9am, then me an Doug headed out. Once we got back I cleaned the kitchen and made some breakfast. The rest of the day was to be enjoyed basking in the glow of the family, cooking a roast dinner and generally relaxing. 

In summary then at the end of the week I managed to walk 26.9miles (43.4Km) and run 16.8 miles (27Km). Also managed 2 days smoke free!


I have also entered the Liverpool Half Marathon in April and the Manchester Half Marathon in May, plus my race number arrived for the St Helens 10k in March. The year is filling up nicely!


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  1. dtills says:

    HI, You have a lot of goals on your plate, I am impressed! I hope you achieve all that you want. I am just happy being able to walk after a double digit run! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out, and good luck with the everything!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sam says:

      I hope I achieve them but to be honest if I just move more in the effort to achieve them I will be happy!

      Liked by 1 person

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