Week 1: running, a bit of swimming and a wee cycle


Post mad dog it was an alright week. Work has been as hectic as ever, which has meant finishing at about 6 or 7 most nights. But I still managed to fit in some trips to the gym and a few runs.

Monday was a nice day, I had a chilled start to the day as I was off work. I hit the gym with Rob in the evening. The aim of the session was a cycle and a swim.

I managed 225m on the swim and only looked a bit like I was drowning. I am still learning to swim and I really struggle with my co-ordination and stamina. But I keep trying. Although this was my first attempt in the pool since August! The cycle was a basic 10km cycle on the bike. Overall it was a good session.

Tuesday was a hectic day in the office, but despite getting home late I managed to convince myself out the door for a run.


I focused on my HR again but managed to improve my pace on the Mad Dog. The route was good, a bit of a mix of inclines, so good opportunity to push and recover.

Thursday was another hectic day, but even when I got in I managed to get out the door. It was cold! Although I warmed up after the first mile and again focused on my HR to keep my pace consistent.


I even managed to improve my pacing again so it was a success all round. Once Sunday rolled around it was time for my Long Run! As I had been out for 6 miles the week before 7 miles was the target. Again I tried to focus on my HR to ensure I could complete the distance and it worked! Although my pace faded after the first 3 miles, I was still happy with the average though!


The week has been good for getting back to it and I’m hoping I will keep up the blogging (this time). Liam has also started blogging on fatman-running.com but I will stick the link in his name for those of you who want to have a look 🙂 Dave also started blogging on fromwirraltodublin.wordpress.com. Again the link will be in his name.

Lunch today was a smoothie, it contained a couple of handfuls of kale, some raspberries, blackberries and strawberries and a banana, cause without a banana is it even a smoothie! It also balances the tarter fruits. When I have lunch (I tend to forget due to work being busy) I have a smoothie, but this week I have had a sneaky KFC which was finger licking good.


The week was good in general! I also managed to walk 27.5miles  (44km) during my week (mostly with Doug), so all round I have been pretty active running 14.9 and walking 27.5 miles.


The basic plan for me is to run Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday, hit the gym on some other nights and Saturday can be other bits and bobs. The Sunday run will be to “Long Run” as I will be off but that may be replaced by events some weeks. I will probably blog mostly on a Sunday night but if I am running an event or doing some other random activities I may do more than one post each week. Although I am pondering a Juneathon.

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