Moel Famau 8k

I am jumping back a week to the Moel Famau 8k! It took place on the 29th of January and it was a wee run up Moel Famau. It was my warm up to 2017. Having not ran much I wasn’t expecting much. We where given stylish ankle tags for the run, which are all the rage in Liverpool.

But I did even less running due to a poorly Steve, I decided to keep him company on the climb as he sounded a bit rough!

The race itself was a small group (less than 200) and it started on a cold morning with the ice still on the ground. The start of it was a mix of up and down and then the climb started and so did the walking.


As you can see my pace suffered for the walk in the middle but the plus side was I didn’t struggle too much. I kept my HR low with walking so I suppose it was a result.


I enjoyed the run down but it was icy, but I didn’t end up on my arse. So it was a win all round. Dave had to wait a while for me and Steve though! Poor chap, he was frozen!


Once we had all finished we did the obligatory group shot.


Following the run we went back to Dave’s place for chinese food which was well earned and very tasty. Then I signed us up for the Dublin Marathon in October! Which Dave was really happy about and didn’t call me any names!


I also signed up for Tough Mudder in July.. okay so I might have been a little bit affected by the Endorphins.


So 2017 is off the ground which just leaves the training, running, swimming, climbing, cycling and general mooching.

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