Mad Dog 10k

Hmm it has been a wee while since I blogged but in fairness I haven’t really moved much. I was self hosting but it crashed and I lost my posts and then I lost interest. But I have started moving again!

So I have reinvented, yes I know I do this a lot! But I have brought you lovely people with me and gone back to a domain I used a long time ago!

When I started it the idea was I had twitter (which I never use!), a Facebook (which I rarely use) and an instagram thingy (also never use it). So this is the other space.. which I might actually use! So to the point.

On the 5th of February I ran the Mad Dog 10k in Southport. I was my first proper event of 2017 and actually sparked my desire to run again. I like this event the course is flat, the crowd is great and the runners are.. well they are all mad dogs.

The good bag is also excellent! But thats beside the point.. or is it the point? Anyway all round it is a good race. The race starts at a civilised 1040am, and with free parking and bus transfer to the start it’s hard to complain!


Once we got going the weather was good (for once) and not even a breeze joined us, so it was different to last years gales.


It took me 1:12 to run it but I was happy with my efforts I focused on keeping my HR below 180pm to make sure I could keep my pace constant. Which I managed but still got an epic suffer score.


Once I finished we all met up at the finish, Dave came in ahead, then Steve with Liam coming in behind me. But as none of us had trained we where all happy with our efforts.


It is a staple in my running year and I am already looking forward to Mad Dog 8! Next event is the St Helens 10k in March. But this year is going to be about longer distances as I train towards the Dublin Marathon in October.

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  1. Botendaddy says:

    Sam, thanks for visiting my site. Assume you are Irish? I’ve been to Shannon a few times. The west coast is awesome. The Irish are the nicest people in Europe.

    Peace be the Botendaddy


    1. Sam says:

      Yes I’m Irish, and the west coast is lovely!

      Liked by 1 person

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